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Why Metal Detectable Knife is necessary for the food & drink industry?

Why Metal Detectable Knife is necessary for the food & drink industry?

For food, drink and pharmaceutical industries, extra precaution is necessary in manufacturing process. Any small piece of plastic fallen from tools found inside the pack of products would be a disaster. A million-dollar recall of all goods and reputation loss would be the consequence.


That’s why the metal detectable knife is necessary and could help them reduce the risk.


  1. Which detectable knives are made of?

Most of the knives are made of plastic or partially plastic. That’s why we need special MDP (Metal Detectable Plastic) material which allows plastic to be detectable by machines. The best MDP is both metal detectable and X-ray detectable. Some MDP is metal detectable only.


  1. What kind of metal detectable knife we could choose?

Nova safety knife has been offer a series knife in MDP version. The compact cut knife SK025 & SK026 is one of the most popular styles. Both of them could be used for right hand and left hand users.


The compact cut knives are auto-retractable. SK025, with its patented “one-push” design, allows user to change blade easier and faster. The SK026 is a disposal design with no-blade-change, which is suitable for the highest security.

  1. Could the knife be customized color?

Only dark blue is used. Why? Coz it is easier to be seen when any parts are fallen into food. No food is blue.

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