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About Us

Your Benefits of choosing Nova

- A range of quality state-of-the-art knives

- Reliable knives for your safety standards

- Unique safety mechanisms

Our History

With decades of combined experience in the safety knives industry, our team has perfected a product development method that cuts out risk and delivers great knives. Our step by step process ensures that we have the safest knives and the best in every parameter: grip, handle,and blade.

Our Knife Production Process

Here is a look into the steps that we have for
knives production:


The design of the knife is probably one of the most critical stages of our process. Because it is a lot easier to change the design on paper than 3d printing or production. At this, we usually create between 12 to 20 prototypes.

Prototyping & Testing

At Nova, we are using 3D printing
to optimise the design step. Prototyping with 3D printing gives designers the ability to fail fast, produce multiple design iterations quickly, and change a product design fast.


Once we had tested our prototypes and chosen the best one, we move to the production stage. We use the highest quality of materials and highest standards to make sure you get the safest knives possible.

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