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Tips to make the precise cut without injury

Tips to make the precise cut without injury

Besides opening tunes of cartons, there are jobs required cutting precisely without hurting both ourselves and the contents or products. These cuttings include debarring, trimming, removing excess material, wire cutting…etc. For convenience, it is handy to use those knives we used to open a box. But is it a good practice to use a box cutter to do the precise cutting? Not really.


Here are some tips for making some precise cutting:


  1. Don’t use a box cutter or utility cutter to make precise cutting.

Those box cutters are designed for heavy-duty cuttings. They are normally thick and trunk which may not allow us to cut wherever we want. Besides, they are heavy. The knives have to be light enough to allow your fingers to do precise cuttings.  


  1. Blade exposure

Most of the self-retract cutters do not allow the user to control the depth of the blade used. We call it to blade exposure. It is easy to understand that we cannot cut if the blade is not extended long enough. But it is also not desirable if the blade is extended too long. It may cut the content beneath the box or cutting the surface. The best is to have a cutter that is self-retractable and be able to control the blade depth. 


  1. Don’t use snap off cutter.  

As we learn from the name, the blade may snap off. Most of the injury for precise cut happened when the blade broke which you didn’t mean to.


  1. Hobby knife

We may make precise cutting with hobby knife like the #11 blade knife. But it is not retractable. Whenever you put down the knife, remember to cover it with the lid.   Also, find something to block the table edge to prevent it from falling, coz it is round.

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