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Squeeze Utility Knife vs Push Button Knife

Squeeze Utility Knife vs Push Button Knife

You cannot run away from the fact that everyone requires a utility knife regardless of where you work. Whether you are working in a factory, warehouse or construction sites of various kinds, a utility knives remains a vital tool for you. Utility knives help everybody, especially when they are faced with fundamental tasks such as making crafts and cutting boxes open. In other words, if you are a do-it-yourself type, you will require these tools every often.

However, the rate at which people sustain injuries using utility knives is alarming. A study conducted by the Center for Research and Policy in Columbus reveals that over 47%; 1.16 Million people sustain injuries using utility knives in the United States. The increased rate of injury is linked to the lack of effectiveness and appropriateness of the type of utility knives they use.

Majority of the people that use utility knives finds it difficult to pick on the best knife to help them in a given task. To end these tragic issues, there is a need to use a utility knife that is meant using a safer knife design. A good utility knife should have features like improved closing and opening of the blades to avoid risks of injuries, a feature that can only be found with squeeze trigger knives today. Here are some of the major reasons you need to start using the squeeze trigger utility knife.

1.Ergonomically Designed Handle

One of the best safety features of squeeze knife is that its handle is ergonomically designed to help in automatic retracting of the blade. Unlike other normal utility knives, squeeze utility knife does not require you to push the button with your thumb while cutting, hence limiting instances of fatigue.When you are using squeeze knife, the blade will be exposed as long as you hold on the trigger in the handle. However, if you release your hand the trigger retracts the blade automatically, making it more ergonomic and usable for longer hours than the normal utility knives.The squeeze knives have a reloading spring mechanism that will automatically pull the blade into the nicely made casing. In this manner, the knife becomes more effective and efficient since it limits the errors you make between cuts. It also reduces your chances of sustaining injuries to exposed blades while the knife is not in use.

2.Blade depth control
SK028 Auto Squeeze Trigger Knife
SK030 Smarty Trigger Knife intelligent retract technology

If you are a professional or an industrial worker who works all day long, you may want to control the blade depth or blade exposure when you don’t need the full extension. Most push button utility knives are manual version with 3 blade stops for the push button. But as you know, these manual knives are not safe enough as the blades are not auto-retract. There are auto-retract utility knives in the market but they are not allowed to control blade depth. A new squeeze knife from NOVA comes to the market with both blade depth control and squeeze trigger design. 3 stops and 1 lock position at your easy finger control. That’s a perfect solution for convenience and safety.

3.Easy Loading of New Blades

It would be very difficult today to find a squeeze knife that has this feature, easy loading, and reloading of blades. The knife only requires you to squeeze the lever that is located right at the handle and push the quick change button. After that, you can easily replace the old blade with the new one without a sweat.Moreover, the knife is very easy to use. You can easily extend the blade after loading it by a mere squeezing of the handle to make the blade to come out comfortably. When you release your hand, the knife will auto-retract the blades to protect users.

4.Blade Storage

One advantage for using push button utility knife over squeeze knife is that it offers proper blade storage. The feature ensures that the blades are always nearby while using the knife. It reduces the amount of time wasted in collecting the blades from elsewhere while working. When you are using this blade, you need not worry if your blade goes blunt. You will be able to change it there and then. The spare blades are readily stored for ease of your reach. The storage makes it even more efficient to alter the used and old blades with new and sharp ones. It is rare for squeeze knife comes out with storage.

5.Narrow Nose

Some squeeze utility knives also boast narrow noses that ensure accurate cutting of the materials. If you look at other utility knives, you will realize that in one way or the other, their nose structure is not well structured as it is with the squeeze knife.The narrow nose makes it possible for looking at where you are going to cut to ensure precise cutting. In this manner, the accuracy with which the cutting is made increases significantly. It, therefore, makes the tool to be more versatile and comfortable for application in various fields.

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